Testing Policies Overview


Specimens and Requirements

Some specimen restrictions exist, including animal specimens and some uncommon human specimens. If a specimen is deemed unacceptable, it will not be tested and the order will be cancelled unless validation information is provided. Please contact us for specific specimen requirements.


During specimen transit, a physician, hospital, or office may cancel a test. For specimens that have been delivered but not yet tested, a nominal cancellation fee will apply. To submit a request for cancellation, contact us.

Reference Ranges

When possible, Tenet Diagnostics establishes its own testing reference ranges. Depending on the procedure, we may use reference ranges recommended by the reagent manufacturer or those that appear in the scientific literature. Some of our ranges have been established by consulting with major healthcare organizations.

Specimen Retention

Once testing has concluded, samples will be refrigerated for 14 days before being discarded. Because sample retention times vary, if a sample requires retention beyond 14 days, it will be kept frozen. Retention times are determined by federal, state, and test manufacturer guidelines.

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