Specimen Labeling Guidelines

Proper labeling is essential to getting your patients’ lab results quickly so you can provide the best possible care. Below you’ll find our full set of labeling guidelines:

  • At the time of collection, label all specimens with at least two patient identifiers. These should include the patient’s last name followed by first name or initial or their ID code. The second identifier may include the date of birth, Tenet Diagnostics requisition number, or Tenet Diagnostics barcode.
  • Make sure to securely affix the label. The label should include the patient’s name, second patient identifier, physician account number, and collection date.
  • Use ballpoint pen for hand-written labels. Label glass slides in pencil on the frosted end with two patient identifiers.
  • Place labels on tubes lengthwise.
  • If submitting in a non-tube container such as a transfer vial, include the specimen type on the label (serum, urine, etc.).
  • If submitting for microbiological tests such as cultures or microscopic exams, include the type and source of the organisms to be tested for if applicable.

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