Cutting-Edge Shipping You Can Depend On

Getting fast lab test results is crucial to providing the best in patient care. Tenet Diagnostics uses the latest technology to ensure that collection is both efficient and reliable.

We promise the safe and timely delivery of patient specimens by offering both courier services and FedEx delivery. With our cutting-edge tracking system, you can easily schedule and track your deliveries. You can also schedule pickup at nearly any time that is convenient to you.

If you have tests that are urgent, we offer special pickups. The arrival of your specimen will always be verified so you can have total peace of mind about your patients’ health. You’ll always know how much shipping and handling cost, as they are included in the price of each laboratory test.

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When you need fast specimen pickup, contact Tenet. You'll get fast, accurate laboratory tests from a knowledgeable team. Have questions? We'll answer them quickly so you can make informed decisions about patient care.

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