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The Tenet Diagnostics Client Portal provides the convenience physicians, hospitals, and clinics need to complete lab testing quickly and accurately. Our easy online client portal streamlines the testing process, making it much more efficient than calling, faxing, and completing paperwork.

In the portal, you can manage a full range of tasks including learning about and ordering tests, viewing test results, ordering supplies, adding tests, cancellations, payments, and keeping your account information up to date.

Patient results are securely posted as soon as they are available, so you’ll have immediate access to crucial information. Physicians can also view past test results for easy evaluation and comparison.
The ability to neatly complete and submit test forms online also ensures that mistakes are minimized and your request is processed as soon as you submit it.

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Knowledgeable Answers for Better Care

If you have a question about our lab testing services, contact us. Our experts will provide a prompt, accurate answer so you can quickly make the right decision for your patient.

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